An Ice luge is made from a large block of ice with a narrow channel carved through where liquid is poured. From world class events to single block show pieces, we can suggest creative ways to impress clients within your budget. Professional pacakaging and dedicated drivers deliver sculptures to your tables or freezer on time. We offer two options. Our Famous Apple Ice Luge and Custom made Ice Luges.

The Famous Apple Ice Luge - Always in Stock!

Apple Ice famous ice luge is always available for order or pickup and measures at 30”x20”x10” and weights an impressive 110lbs to last up to 6 hours. Luges includes an optional engraving on the left and right side. Our famous luge is guarantee to add an extra touch of class for your next event. Call us at 1-800-ICE-TO-GO to order.


FAQ's and Tips

Question: How long does an ice luge last?
Answer: Our standard luge generally lasts 4-6 hours but there are so many variables that influence the rate in which the ice melts. It is impossible for us to guarantee a set time. Primary factors that affect melting:
  • - Temperature
  • - Humidity
  • - Direct Sunlight
  • - Temperature of liquid being poured
  • - Amount of shots being poured per hour
  • - Type of liquid (acidic liquids and alcohol will eat away at the ice)

Question: Is there any way to keep the luge from melting?
Answer: No. As long as the tempature is above 32° it will melt.

Question: What can I do to extend the life of my luge?
  • - Keep in the shade (direct sunlight will breakdown the ice rapidly)
  • - Try to keep liquor chilled (warm shots will melt the track more quickly)
  • - Slowly pour shots (overflow and spillage will deteriorate the ice)
  • - If tracks are faded, slowly pour warm-hot water down each track

Custom Luges

Let Apple Ice hand carve your luge to your exact specification by our talented ice artists. Rich in detail and aesthetic beauty, our sculptures are great for weddings, corporate outings, meetings, birthdays, graduations, religious events and more.